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Pre-Purchase Inspection (Termite Inspection Report )


A pre-purchase termite inspection is now a standard part of almost all residential sale contracts in Western Australia. This protects the purchaser from buying a premise that is contaminated with Termites and the extravagant costs to eradicate activity.

A termite inspection report is generally at the purchaser’s expense. Most real estates will have a preferred company to carry out inspections however it is the purchaser’s discretion to select their company of choice.

Most sale contracts will require a termite inspection report to identify issues related to termites only however some contracts may request a Timber Pest Inspection which requires a more thorough and detailed report on all wood related issues (European house borer, wood rot etc.) This is at a higher cost as it takes longer and requires a significantly larger amount of paperwork.

If you wish to have a Timber Pest Inspection you must request this at the time of booking.

A standard termite inspection report consists of the following,

  • Inspection of roof space
  • Inspection of sub-floor where applicable
  • Inspection of timer window frames
  • Inspection of timber door frames
  • Inspection of timber boundary fencing where applicable
  • Inspection of timber cabinetry
  • Inspection of timber cornices
  • Inspection of timber skirtings


Any suspect areas will be outlined within the report and recommended treatment will be communicated with relevant parties. There is no warranty included in a Termite Inspection Report as it is not a preventative treatment. If termites are not located within your termite inspection it cannot be guaranteed that termites will not gain access to the house until a Termite Barrier Treatment has been completed as a preventative measure.


Once a booking form has been filled out and the report has been completed a copy of the report will be sent to all parties requested (real estate, purchaser and settlement agency).


If you would like further information on Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection please call 9397 2033 or fill out any of our contact forms. If you would like to go ahead and book a Termite Inspection Report starting at $200.00 please fill out a Pre-Purchase Termite inspection booking form


You don’t need to be selling or purchasing a property to have a termite inspection, If you don’t want to have your house protected but would like the peace of mind of knowing that you have had the property checked for termite activity then make a booking for a standard termite inspection or request a report for your records.