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Millipedes (Portuguese Millipedes)


The Portuguese Millipede: Millipedes are dark grey – black in colour and juveniles are generally a lighter grey. Millipedes where first located in Western Australia in the 1980’s in Roleystone, at first these creatures where only located throughout the hills of WA but have now invaded the metropolitan area with first reports of the spread in about 2001. Unlike native millipedes, the Portuguese millipede congregates in large numbers and can be very distressing for home and business owners due to their large volumes. The tell-tale sign of a millipede is its tendency to curl up into a spiral when disturbed.  Portuguese millipedes are herbivores which is great for breaking down old garden litter into the soil, but not so great if they are destroying your garden.  Millipedes are known to let out a very pungent yellow secretion which bears a horrible smell to deter predators such as birds if they feel they are in danger, this can stain clothes and irritate eyes and skin when absorbed.

Portuguese Millipede breeding facts: The eggs of millipedes are laid undergroundin moist areas,The babies are usually pale and have less body segments and legs than their parents. Millipedes grow by shedding their outer skeleton and each time they emerge with more segments and legs until they are at full size. You will notice an influx of millipedes within the home when it rains as they enter the home to seek shelter but they will not breed inside as they harbour their eggs underground.

What you can do to prevent millipedes: You can help to deter millipedes by cleaning away leaf litter and reducing the amount of compost around the home therefore eliminating potential shelter. You can also reduce the risk of inviting millipedes inside by reducing the amount of outdoor lighting at night, similar to other insects millipedes are attracted to light. Chemical treatments are the most fast effective way to exterminate millipedes but you can also create physical barriers by having smooth vertical surfaces, half round barriers and moat and trap systems in place.


What protector Pest Control can do: Millipedes are controlled using asuspension concentratewith a unique dual action by combining two powerful insecticides. The formula starts to work in minutes and has a great long term control, perfect for use in domestic, commercial, industrial and public areas.