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The most common cricket in Western Australia is called the house cricket, also known as the brown house cricket.

House Crickets: This species of cricket is said to have originated form South Western Asia but has now spread to most countries around the world through cargo and animal transport. This species is usually brown or grey in colour and is given its name due to its habit of seeking warmth within the home.  

Breeding Facts: Female house crickets can lay up to 200 eggs in one cycle and are capable of laying a batch every 2 weeks. This leads to rapid infestation and can become very hard to manage so treatment is recommended as soon as you notice an infestation.

What Protector Pest Control can do: A broad spectrum insecticide is used to eradicate crickets. You will need to vacate the home for a two hour period after treatment. For most effective results it is recommended that you have an interior and exterior treatment to cover all bases, check our specials page for great deals on general pest treatments.