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Cockroaches:  The 3 most common cockroaches in Western Australia are


The Oriental Cockroach: The oriental cockroach is a reasonably large species with a dark brown-black glossy body. A female oriental has short non-functional wings and therefore is not capable of flying, they have a wider body than a male. The male has longer wings and is capable of flying up to 2-3 metres. Oriental Cockroaches vary in size but are generally up to 25mm (2.5cm). They like a dark wet habitat so that is why is quite common to find them in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. You will also find them around decaying matter such as under or within rubbish bins and also around the garden under mulch and other damp places.

What you can do to prevent Oriental Cockroaches: Oriental Cockroaches are omnivorous scavengers and feed off of different types of organic matter so it all comes down to making sure that kitchen areas are kept clean and uninviting for the pests. Make sure that you empty any compost and household bins regularly as food scraps are a favourite. Unfortunately it is hard to deter the cockroaches completely without professional help.

Oriental Cockroach breeding facts: Each egg case contains up to 16 eggs which can take up to 2 months to hatch! This is why you will sometimes notice a sudden flare up within the first couple of months after your treatment. Most modern day treatments allow for this and kill off the new cycle as they hatch, however sometimes the original infestation is so severe that treatments such as cockroach gel may need to be re-administered.


German Cockroaches: The German cockroach is generally around 12mm long and is light brown/beige in colour, with 2 dark stripes on the back of its head. The German cockroach sis one of the most successful species and is very commonly found in houses, apartments, restaurants, warehouses & food processing plants. An ideal environment for a German cockroach is in warm moist conditions with access to food and water, this makes your house and probably your favourite restaurant the perfect home! They are most active at night and generally like to hide during the day where the most common places to find them are near sinks, dishwashers, under electric cooking appliances, under skirting boards, within wall cavities, on the underside of tables and bench tops and within the laundry you may even find them hiding in the pantry. These creatures are winged but vary rarely fly, dispersal is usually through the movement of food containers and other items.

What you can do to prevent German Cockroaches: German Cockroaches do not thrive away from humans or human activity so unfortunately unless you’re planning to move out you will have to start weighing up your options, due to the rapid breeding cycles a small infestation can become a large problem within a short space of time. General tidiness always assists in keeping pests away.


German cockroach breeding facts: German cockroaches are the most prolific breeder of the cockroach species, the females live up to 6 months. She carries an egg capsule with up to 40 eggs at a time and once hatched it takes up to 45 days for nymphs to turn into adults. Unlike us humans the average cockroach family contains multiple males and multiple females which means they can multiply by hundreds in just over a month.



Native Australian Black Cockroach: The Native Australian Black Cockroach is primarily an outdoor pest however they are commonly found indoors during the summer months, this is probably due to the cooler conditions. They are wingless and black in colour with a white margin and typically grow to around 35mm in length.  They prefer to feed on decaying leaf matter rather than human waste.


 What Protector Pest Control can do :  As licenced professionals we are able to use residual insecticide by fogging the interior of the home which is a long lasting and effective way to kill cockroaches and other general pests and allows the treatment to keep working and kill subsequent cockroaches once they hatch. We also use a product called Dupont Advion Cockroach Gel which creates a delay in mortality allowing the insect to consume the bait and return to the harbourage to contaminate cockroaches and result in a significant reduction or complete eradication.  For exterior treatments a blanket spray is completed using a broad spectrum, long residual, liquid insecticide.