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FAQs (Frequently asked questions)


Q. Are the chemicals being used for my treatment safe for my family & pets?

A. All chemicals used by Protector Pest Control are Health Department cleared & safe to be used while you are in the home, however some treatments do require you to vacate the premises for a short period of time (usually 2 hours). This is for interior treatments only. All dog food and water bowls are removed while surface spray is completed and replaced after treatment.

Q. Does the rain affect my treatment?

A. Chemicals are specially designed to withstand the elements. Treatments such as Termite Barrier Treatments are not effected by rain. In some circumstances where heavy flooding has occurred your treatment will need to be rescheduled once the surface has dried and flooding has subsided. IF you do experience heavy flooding following your treatment please call our office and advise a staff member as soon as possible.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for my treatment?

A. In most cases you don’t have to do anything at all before our operators arrive however if you are having a termite barrier treatment or annual termite treatment and you have excessive amounts of plants or items stored along the walls of the home it is requested that they be moved 1 metre from the wall so that the operators can gain access for drilling and injecting.

Q. How long will my treatment last?

A. The length of time between treatments for Insects depends on a number of factors, the severity of the problem, elements surrounding the home (e.g. Bushland, Lakes, Fruit & Vegetable Gardens etc.) frequency of treatment & treatment selection. In some cases clients prefer to stick to regular treatments so that the problem does not re-occur at all, you may like to wait until the problem re-surfaces and have treatments when you find necessary.

Q. Will the operator be on time?

A. Every attempt is made to ensure that the operator will arrive on time, however factors such as traffic, extra services being requested on the day by clients, termite activity being located at a premises (operators are required to complete treatment to active termites before leaving a premises if requested by client), treatment of homes that have not been physically seen prior to booking and therefore time being an estimation only. Please do be mindful that when speaking with a receptionist, times can only be estimated by a work sheet and therefore cannot be 100% correct.


Q. Do I clean the spider webs away after my treatment?

A. you will receive a longer, more effective treatment if you DO NOT remove the cob webs after your spider treatment, the chemical residue that is left on the webs is extremely beneficial to your treatment and it continues to expose the insects to the chemical and extends the life of your treatment.

Q. I have had a pest treatment but there are dead bugs inside my house?

A.  By having an interior treatment completed you are eradicating live pests however it is impossible to stop pests from getting into your home, once the treatment has been completed they will die upon entering the home so therefore you may find dead insects within the house. You may also find dead insects that you were unaware that you had, these are all good signs and mean that your treatment is working.

Q. I have had an exterior ant treatment and I am now finding ants inside the house why is this happening?

A.  It is common for ants to search for water after coming into contact with chemical; therefore it is not unusual for the pests to emerge within the home, especially in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. This problem should only ever last up to 2 weeks, if you are still experiencing issues after this time frame call and speak to someone in the office and we will be more than happy to help and if you have selected a service with a warranty an operator will be sent back to re-treat the area.

Q. I had a rodent baiting and a rat/mouse has died in my roof what do I do?

A. Rodent retrievals are no longer completed due to the very low success rate in finding the pests within roof spaces, the fact that there is a large amount of air conditioning ducts, insulation and other cosy places for rodents to hide makes it almost impossible to find the carcass, we like to make sure that our clients are getting value for money and if the search is unsuccessful and a call out fee is charged we do not like to charge for nothing. It takes around 7-10 days for the body to decompose and the smell to disappear, within this time we recommend a product called Nil-Odour which can be purchased from your local supermarket or hardware store, used as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Q. I had rodent baiting 6 months ago and now I am hearing noises again?

A. Rodent baiting is a very effective treatment and in most cases you will notice speedy results in the fact that you can no longer hear scratching, squealing and scurrying. The time frame that the baits last depends on the severity of the initial problem, if you only had few rats originally then the baits will last longer and most likely kill off another cycle if a new pack of rats where to arrive. If you had a severe issue to begin with then you are less likely to have left over baits and therefore you may need another treatment if another pack arrives. In this case if it has been months since your last treatment It is very clear that It is not the pre-existing problem, but a new one.


Q. I have wood heaps in my garden, where is safest place to store them?

A. It is highly recommended that wood heaps are not placed directly onto the ground as this is basically an open invitation for termites. It is suggested that wood piles be kept on an elevated surface made from steel or brick. We are unable to treat wood that is going to be burned.


Q. I have my house treated every year for termites but I have found white ants in my garden does this mean that my house is at risk?

A. first of all, do not panic! It is extremely common for termites to found in plants, trees & wood chips. This does not mean that your house is at risk, the treatment that is completed on your home is to prevent termite attack and therefor your house is safe. You are covered for 2 call outs per year to treat active termites around the home so please call the office and arrange for an operator to come and spray the suspect area.